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WATCH: Valtteri Bottas Spins Terribly While Driving in Snow at a Rally Race

WATCH: Valtteri Bottas Spins Terribly While Driving in Snow at a Rally Race

In motorsport, Finns and rallying are so synonymous that it is almost a cliche. Even if they are racing in other disciplines, they will eventually dabble in rallying. Mercedes driver, Valtteri Bottas is no different and he too, enjoys some rallying in the F1 off-season.

The Finnish driver recently took part in the Arctic Lapland Rally 2020 with the Citroen team. Unfortunately, he did not have a particularly good session. As it turned out, he spun while exiting a corner and ended up stuck in the middle of the road.

Luckily, bystanders rushed in a helpfully pushed the car, so that it pointed the right way. The Mercedes racer then continued on his way down the track.

What was Valtteri Bottas doing in the F1 off season?

Valtteri Bottas was one of 140 participants at the Arctic Lapland Rally 2020 and it was not his first time at the event. Luckily for Bottas, the spin took place during the pre-event shakedown, but he and navigator, Timo Rautiainen continued.

It was also worth noting that Bottas took part in the Paul Ricard Rally and performed decently. The car that he is racing is the older model of a WRC Citroën DS3. The 30-year old drove that very car when he won the Rallycircuit Côte d’Azur in France.

The Mercedes number 2 made his debut in rallying and competed in the latest M-Sport Ford Fiesta WRC in 2019. For the Arctic Lapland Rally, he teamed up with Rautiainen for the second time ever.

It is worth noting that in his peak years, Rautiainen partnered compatriot Marcus Grönholm for several years. Meanwhile, Valtteri Bottas will also be preparing for the 2020 Formula One season and the Februasry 14th launch of the Mercedes W11. After a nightmarish 2018 season, a new and improved Valtteri Bottas had a strong 2019 and will be hoping to carry on his form in 2020

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