WATCH: Verstappen collides with Ocon, drops to second

November 12, 2018 12:03 am
Max Verstappen was leading the Brazilian GP comfortably when he came up to lap his former F3 rival, Esteban Ocon. While he passed the Force India before Turn 1, the Frenchman came back at him for some reason and they collided, dropping the Dutchman back to second behind Lewis Hamilton.
Check out the video here:
It was a pretty bizarre move, to be honest, something which made no sense at all. And to think of it, that it came from Esteban Ocon, a driver who’s known to not make such silly mistakes, was an even bigger thing.
Verstappen was furious over the radio, and his frustration was very well understood. Ocon somehow pipped the blame on to Max.
The FIA took stern action against Esteban, giving him a 10s stop go penalty for causing a collision.
Verstappen’s post race comments will be something to watch out for.
Meanwhile, Ocon’s antics played perfectly for Lewis Hamilton who carefully took lead and at the time of writing, look set to take the victory.
Its crazy how everything works out for Hamilton somehow.
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