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WATCH: Verstappen Hits Ocon Post Brazil Race

WATCH: Verstappen Hits Ocon Post Brazil Race


We’ve all known Verstappen is aggressive and passionate but this much, we never knew. After his Brazil victory was spoiled by Esteban Ocon’s stupidity, he went on to the Frenchman and started hitting him. Naturally, his frustration was justified but this just went over the park.


The two have shared a strong rivalry from the very beginning and Max should have learned how to control his emotions and feelings in a better way. The FIA granted a 10s stop go penalty for Max, but we’re sure this incident won’t go unnoticed by the FIA.

Even though he was calm and composed during the post race interview, he exploded over the team radio. He went on to say, he was hoping he doesn’t catch Ocon anywhere in the paddock.



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