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Watch: When Brock Lesnar Obliterated Opponent in 69 Seconds On His MMA Debut

Watch: When Brock Lesnar Obliterated Opponent in 69 Seconds On His MMA Debut

Brock Lesnar

In the history of MMA, there have been very few athletes who made an impact as loud as Brock Lesnar. When the NCAA champion, and the WWE superstar Brock Lesnar decided to test himself in the toughest sport in the world, many doubted him and rightfully so. Without extensive training on mixed martial arts, how is someone supposed to fight at the most elite level?

However, Brock Lesnar is a different specimen. With just one fight in his MMA career, he came into the biggest organization in MMA and became the world champion. He fought some of the best and proved the doubters wrong. Though Lesnar left the sport on a bitter note, he achieved reached to the top of the game in a very short time.

Lesnar’s journey to the top started in Dynamite USA where he squared off against Min-Soo Kim. The fight started with Brock Lesnar taking Min-Soo Kim down and the fight ended with Min-Soo Koo tapping to Lesnar’s ferocious punches. Brock Lesnar secured guard effortlessly and was landing punches at his will. There was nothing Min-Soo Kim could do other than hold on to Lesnar with his dear life. However, the fight ended at 69 seconds of the first round.

Is Brock Lesnar Coming Back to the Octagon?

Brock Lesnar

Lesnar came back to the octagon, months later after a surgery and fought Alistair Overeem at UFC 141. He lost the fight when Overeem connected a sharp kick to Lesnar’s stomach, which left him excruciating in pain. Lesnar couldn’t recover from the body shot, as Overeem took advantage of the situation for a brutal beating. When the referee had seen enough, he called off the fight in favor of Overeem.

Fans got very excited when Brock Lesnar stepped into the ring after Daniel Cormier became the two-division champion soon after beating Stipe Miocic. Lesnar cut one of the best promos in the history of UFC and it looked like he was going to make a comeback. However, the super-fight fell apart when Brock Lesnar announced his retirement from the sport, and signed a new contract with WWE.

At this point it does not seem like fans are going to ever see Lesnar compete in the octagon again. However, we are still wondering what would Brock have done if he had chosen MMA from an early age instead of Pro Wrestling.

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