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Watch: When Colby Covington Made His MMA Debut With Jorge Masvidal In His Corner

Watch: When Colby Covington Made His MMA Debut With Jorge Masvidal In His Corner

Colby Covington

Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal have a long history dating back to the time when Colby was fighting in the amateur circuit. Fans have seen the video of Colby and Jorge sharpening their wrestling in a small apartment. There was a time when Jorge and Colby were part of each other’s entourage. However, times have changed now.

Both of them tell a different story of how they became rivals. However, there is no more friendship between these two welterweights as both have the same goal in their minds, the welterweight title.

Well, keeping the rivalry aside let’s turn back the clock to the times when Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington used to go to war together. Let’s turn back the clock to the MMA debut of Colby Covington back in 2012 in Midtown Throwdown 3.

Colby Covington Makes MMA Debut With Submission Victory

It almost feels like a lifetime ago when Jorge Masvidal used to walk out to the center of the arena with Colby Covington.

Colby Covington took on Chris Ensley who has an absurd record of 6 wins and 38 losses. Hence considering that record the win for Covington does not seem impressive at all. Nevertheless, Colby Covington secured a quick submission finish over Ensley to start his MMA career.

The fight went to the ground in no time and Colby was on top of Enslay, landing huge punches. At 1:21 minutes of round 1, Ensley tapped out verbally handing Covingtong his first win.

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Where does the Rivalry with Jorge Masvidal go next?

Colby fell short when he squared off against Kamaru Usman with the welterweight title on the line. Had Covington won the title at UFC 245 the fight with Jorge Masvidal would have been a no brainer. However, with Covington losing his fight these two will have to wait for a little to settle the beef inside the octagon.

Jorge Masvidal is likely to fight Kamaru Usman for the welterweight title next. If Masvidal wins that title then Covington will have to build himself back up for another title opportunity. However, if Masvidal loses the fight to Kamaru Usman then the fight would be a lot easier to make since both would be coming from a loss to the champion. No matter what it’s very likely that fans are going to see these two welterweight elites settle their rivalry inside the octagon.


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