WATCH: When Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones Went Rogue at a Press Conference

August 11, 2020 7:01 pm

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones have had their fair share of exchanges both inside and outside the ring. Though most of the time the fights outside the ring weren’t violent, this one time, things got pretty intense and required the security’s assistance to draw them apart.

This incident is from a press event held back in 2014 in the efforts to hype a UFC event. In a stare down, Jones and Cormier got pretty violent and even ended up destroying the stage. In a scrap that even involved UFC representative Dave Sholler in the middle, this was very un-sportsmen like of two.

Taking this feud to the spotlight, the face-off at a media event for UFC 178 made this rivalry public and how. In a stare down for the press, things got pretty heated between the two. With almost no space for air to flow between them, Cormier shoved Jones in the throat. Jones retaliated with a punch that missed. A takedown attempt carried them both off the stage, where they scuffled until security pulled them apart.

Jones threw a few hands in the midst of this all, while Cormier had his hands held back by security flung a few kicks towards Jones.

Backstage, Jones was seen raising his voice in anger as he faced the ceiling and let out a ferocious howl. But this wasn’t the end of it.

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones take it to the octagon

The fight spilled over to Twitter. Jones let out a few harsh tweets, and Cormier responded likewise. The promotion company wasn’t impressed with their misdemeanor and they face fines as a penalty for their actions.

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier later met inside the octagon at UFC 214, where Jones took the bout and the title via a 3rd round decision victory. Over time, they’ve developed this sense of respect for one and another that is prevalent to this day. But this brawl will always be a key moment when we look back at the legendary Jones vs Cormier rivalry.


Source: YouTube

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