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WATCH: When Deontay Wilder Showcased One of the Scariest Knockouts in a Boxing Ring

WATCH: When Deontay Wilder Showcased One of the Scariest Knockouts in a Boxing Ring

Deontay Wilder

In 2016, Deontay Wilder fought one of the toughest fights of his career. He went nine rounds against Arthur Szpilka in Brooklyn in his third defense of his WBC heavyweight title.

After an intense and long battle, Wilder knocked out Artur Szpilka with a right-hand.

“I told him that he was a great contender, that he came and gave his all, and he gave a great fight for Brooklyn. Thank you, Artur Szpilka, for your competitiveness,” Wilder said in an interview after the fight. “He was definitely a crafty guy. I haven’t competed or sparred against a southpaw in three years. He had the people on his side and they gave him the motivation to do what he had to do, he did a great job, man.”

“He was more crafty and slick than we thought, but we’ve got 12 rounds, and I’m very patient. They all can’t be pretty.”

Deontay Wilder remembers the knockout as his favourite

Over the span of his career, Wilder has recorded an impressive 42 wins in 43 fights. More impressively, 41 of his wins have come from knockouts.

In a recent interview, Wilder recalled the fight against Szpilka as his favourite knockout.

“He’s a Polish guy and he had all the Polish people, and they were singing their song,” Wilder said as per a video obtained from Top Rank Boxing on YouTube. “They gave him the momentum … until bam, baby good night.”

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“He fell to the ground, his legs were bent all the way to his back,” Wilder said. “I thought I killed him. Three to five seconds, I didn’t see his chest rising. That’s the thing that stands out. … the first thing that comes to head is that one. That was a devastating knockout.”

Deontay Wilder is now getting ready for his world heavyweight title rematch against Tyson Fury. The fight is scheduled for February 22 in Las Vegas.

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