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Watch: When Novak Djokovic Made an Appearance On The Ellen Degeneres Show

Watch: When Novak Djokovic Made an Appearance On The Ellen Degeneres Show

Novak Djokovic had a mixed season in the year 2016. But during the first half of the season, he was on top of the world. Having traveled to the USA for the defense for the Sunshine Double of Indian Wells and Miami Masters 1000 events in March.

On his day off, the Serb made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The pair of them had some fun together.

The charming Novak Djokovic

As Ellen DeGeneres welcomed Novak Djokovic, she recounted that they first met in Monte-Carlo. It was there that Ellen first suggested he come on the show.

Talking about getting to spend some time in Los Angeles due to the Sunshine Double, Novak turned on the old charm. He remarks he is off to Miami the next day, before tactfully adding he wanted to hang out with Ellen on his day off.

Ellen is no stranger to charm either and soon she turned on her own charm. DeGeneres goes on to recount the first time the duo met in a Country Club in Monte-Carlo. Djokovic was swimming laps in the pool when Ellen and her wife Portia recognized the player.

Check out their entertaining interaction below.

She lists out the recent titles Novak has won and adds “You couldn’t be playing better.”

Novak agrees and even says he is at the peak and is having the best time of his career.

We can all agree, hindsight makes this statement all the more interesting. He would finally go on to complete his career Grand Slam when he won won the elusive French Open. But he would lose his form and his balance to drop down the ranks of the sport. He failed to defend all his Majors. His ranking dwindled and at one point he was out of the top 20 too.

But like a true champion, he did not stay down for too long. He is once again at the very top on the World No. 1 spot and currently holds the Wimbledon and Australian Open titles.

Getting back to the Ellen Show, the pair also played a little tennis-related game called “Smash Your Head.”

Surprisingly, it was Ellen who got the first shot right.

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