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WATCH: When Rafael Nadal Showed Off His Dance Moves

WATCH: When Rafael Nadal Showed Off His Dance Moves

Rafael Nadal has displayed his phenomenal tennis skills over the last 15 years. Occasionally, we have also seen his football skills as he played football when he was very young. The one thing we have rarely ever seen is – his dancing skills.

Watch Rafael Nadal Dancing

In the video, we see the Rafael Nadal of 2011 dancing to “Ai Se Eu Te Pego”. He is enjoying himself and dancing pretty well considering that he has had no formal dance training. He is chained to the rhythm.

In 2011, Spain won the Davis Cup by defeating Argentina. Rafael Nadal helped secure the victory by defeating Juan Martin Del Potro in 4 sets. He danced in this video as part of a celebration of the victory.

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While I am sure we all enjoyed seeing Rafa’s dancing skills, we will prefer seeing his skills on the tennis court. Sadly, that will have to wait for some time thanks to the coronavirus which has suspended the ATP tour. It has canceled 5 masters tournaments and postponed the French Open to September.

Till June, we are not going to see any action but if the current situation persists it is likely we won’t see any action this year. As tennis fans, we do not want this to happen. We must follow certain guidelines to conquer this virus.

The coronavirus is a contagious disease, It spreads extremely fast through physical contact. We must avoid going out of our houses unnecessarily if we want to control the spread of the virus. These guidelines along with the vaccine that has been developed can help conquer the virus.

If we follow these guidelines we can see tennis by the start of June. We will be able to see Rafa competing in the grand slams and try to catch Roger Federer’s record of 20 grand slams.


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