WATCH: When Roger Federer Sang ‘Happy Birthday’ In Chinese For His Wife Mirka Federer

By 2 months ago

We all know April 1st as the day we play pranks on one another. However, Roger Federer knows this day for a totally different and special reason. It is his wife Mirka’s birthday. Here is a video of him singing ‘Happy Birthday’ in a very different way.

How Roger Federer Wished His Wife

Roger Federer did not want to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ the traditional way so he tried something different. He sang the song in Chinese. This was a funny and romantic way to wish his wife who is his biggest supporter and present at every one of his matches.

We have yet to see Mirka’s reaction to this but I think we all know that it will be a delighted one. She will be extremely happy that her husband thought of something extremely unconventional for her birthday making the birthday absolutely amazing.

Roger and Mirka’s Story

Roger Federer and Mirka have spent many years together. They first met at the 2000 Sydney Olympics where Roger Federer revealed that they had their first kiss. After Mirka retired from tennis in 2002 due to a persistent foot injury, she became Roger’s public relations manager.

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She has also been his biggest supporter since then as she is always seen cheering for him at his matches. Roger and Mirka married in 2009 and have had 4 kids since then. With so much history together, It is no wonder that Roger wanted to do something special for his wife.

Due to the suspension of the ATP tour Roger Federer has had a lot of time to spend with his wife. He is also recovering from a knee surgery he underwent very recently. Let’s hope he recovers well from this surgery. One thing we do know, his wife will be there during every step of this recovery process.

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