Watch: When Ronda Rousey Demolished Her Opponent in Record 14 Seconds

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The sport of MMA has seen some athletes who on their own changed the entire landscape. The name of Conor McGregor comes to the mind when you think of such athletes. Brock Lesnar was able to gather a fair amount of attention to MMA with his short but impactful stay in UFC. However, when it comes to Women’s MMA very few have been able to leave a long-lasting impact on the sport. And Ronda Rousey is one of them.

Ever since she made her appearance in MMA, she was unbeatable and unstoppable until she fought the later part of his career. And one of the most lethal weapons she had in her arsenal was the Armbar. She was barely breaking any sweat while beating all her competitions. And at the peak of her career, when he squared off against Cat Zingano the outcome did not change much as Ronda beat her in record time.

Ronda Rousey Defends Her Title in Record 14 seconds

Ronda Rousey defended her title against Cat Zingano back in 2015 in UFC 184. After months of anticipation who knew that the fight would be over in 14 seconds.

Zingano was coming off two huge wins over Amanda Nunes and Miesha Tate. Hence to dominate her in a fashion as Ronda did is nothing less of a spectacle. The fight started with Zingano charging towards Ronda and securing a takedown. However, Ronda reversed position on the ground and got a hold of her arm.

Before the crowd even realized what was happening Zingano was forced to tap to the armbar by Ronda and the fight ended at 14 seconds of the first round 1.

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This win marked the fastest finish in a title fight. However, Conor McGregor broke that record when he fought Jose Aldo for the featherweight title. Conor finished the fight at 13 seconds of round 1. Apart from that record, Ronda also owned the record of the fastest submission victory in modern UFC history.

Though Cat Zingano asked for a rematch after the disappointing performance against Rousey she never got the opportunity for the redemption. In fact, she lost her next two fights and recently she was released by UFC. on other hand, Ronda Rousey would go on to defend her title successfully against Bethe Correia before squaring off against Holly Holm.

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