“We Both Made A Lot Of Money” – Sloane Stephens To Jimmy Kimmel On Beating Madison Keys At US Open

May 10, 2020 10:21 pm

Sloane Stephens became a household name in the USA when she won the US Open title in the year 2017. The youngster who had always been touted as the next Serena or Venus Williams was finally living up to the potential. Of course, the country knows how to treat its heroes. Winning in front of her home crowd had made her exactly that. That obviously meant that a lot of mainstream media wanted to interview her and her on their channel.

She would make one of these big appearances when she would appear on the Jimmy Kimmel show. The entire interview was filled with fun as Stephens recounted her amazing victory at the tournament. Let’s find out what they talked about.

What did Sloane Stephens talk about with Jimmy Kimmel?

Sloane Stephens was asked about her surprising victory as she was really an outsider when she did the job. Her biggest rise to fame till then was an Australian Open victory against Serena back in the year 2013.

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The conversation then went to the hefty prize amount that she had won. It was very funny because of one particular moment. A picture of Sloane Stephens marveling at her prize winner’s check had gone viral.

Stephens talked about the money that she made along with friend and rival Madison Keys. Even though it was not great to face off against her friend, the money made up for it.

Kimmel also made fun of the iconic moment when Stephens finally got the trophy in her hands. In her excitement, she accidentally dropped the trophy. The authorities would blame her for denting it. However, she was pretty sure that she was not the one who had created that disfigurement.

The last thing they talked about was the busy schedule that tennis players had to face. Sloane had no time to celebrate her victory as there were little to no breaks before November. Unfortunately for her, the only big moment after this would be the 2018 French Open finals. She still struggles to prove that she can be one of the greatest. What us your opinion of Sloane Stephens?

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