We call it Federer Magic : Top 10 Quotes

August 8, 2018 3:52 pm

Top Quotes about Roger Federer

Image Courtesy: Andy Brownbill/AP

Sometimes people fall short of words when it comes to describing this genius. We must have heard thousands of things about Roger Federer in the past decade- coming from former players, reporters, his current competitors and millions of fans around the world. It’s almost impossible to decide which ones are the best, but we tried to come up with the special ones. Here are 10 of those quotes that reflect how he’s been leaving the world in awe.



You know how he does it?

Here’s what a 6-time grand slam champion thinks…

A gentleman, on and off the court.

Winning the sportsmanship award for more than a decade now

Well, this time McEnroe is serious

Pete Sampras was considered the greatest until this guy from Switzerland came and redefined greatness

Jimmy Connors, the man with 109 singles titles, put his thoughts this way

Well, Roger that!

One of those that we cannot argue with, coming right from one among his millions of admirers


Well, many a time he makes us wonder whether he’s even from this planet or maybe as Andy Roddick once said – He’s an android, hallucination, psychic projection or some other weird thing.

It was just another magical day in the office for the greatest of all time, and then against the flow of things he missed a shot…

Two former players in the commentary box came up with this..





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