“We Can Frustrate Opponents” – Liverpool Star Compares Himself With Roger Federer

July 2, 2020 5:40 pm

Swiss maestro Roger Federer has been regarded as one of the greatest players of tennis not just for his achievements but also for his elegant game. After helping Liverpool win the Premier League title this year, Virgil Van Dijk who is the team’s defender talked about the similarities he shares with Roger. Check out what he said.

Liverpool Star On Roger Federer

As reported by the Express, Virgil Van Dijk talked about the way he plays. He understands his style of playing is ‘laid-back’ but he is proud of this style. Also, he feels this style is very similar to how Roger Federer approaches tennis. He said,

“I have naturally always been a bit laid back, the way I look and the way my presence is. I think a good example is in tennis if you watch Federer playing tennis. It looks like he’s not even putting in any work and it can frustrate opponents as well thinking they’re trying as hard as they can and you’re putting on the slippers for example.”

Many would definitely agree with what Van Dijk. Compared to a lot of players, many have said that Roger’s game is effortless and elegant. And that is one of the many reasons why so many people around the world love watching him play.

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Sadly, we are not going to see Roger Federer play again for a while. This is because he has decided to end his 2020 season after he underwent another knee surgery after undergoing one at the start of the year. He has decided to take this break so that he will be at his best when he returns in 2021.

Many people will be looking forward to seeing him play in 2021. But, more importantly, they will be hoping he will win another Grand Slam. He has not won one since 2018 and hopefully, he will win more to extend his lead in the GOAT race.

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