“We Can Get Half The Money Right There” – Noah Rubin Has a Message For The Top Tennis Players

May 29, 2020 12:12 pm

As the suspension of the tennis tour continues for more than two months now, many lower-ranked players are striving hard to make a living during the shutdown. Noah Rubin, who is always vocal about the major issues in the sport, has a solution to help these players if it is about taking money from the top players.

Earlier, the top 100 tennis players, along with the governing bodies of tennis, rallied to raise $6 million to distribute among the lower-ranked players during the pandemic.

“You are talking probably over a billion dollars net worth combined” – Noah Rubin

While Rubin opposed the idea of taking money from fellow tennis professionals, he suggested that if it has to be, the top 3 men and women tennis players should contribute more. Rubin called for a higher cut for the top players as they earn a hefty amount of money every year.

“If you take the top 3 players in both the men and women’s game, you are talking probably over a billion dollars net worth combined. We can get half the money right there. You get half from them, half from the rest,” Noah told Tennis Majors.

Noah suggested this would not really hurt the top players too much financially.

“If you are looking for an easy way out, and you don’t want to involve players, you are talking about maybe 5 to 6 players: 3 in the men, 3 in the women, that do have a combined net worth of probably about 2 billion dollars. If you want to even out very quickly, you have it right there,” concluded Rubin.

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The players in the lower echelons depend solely on their tournament earnings to make a living. The Novak Djokovic planned Player Relief Fund was certainly a help for these players during the global health crisis.

However, these athletes still lie on the borderline. Hence, the governing bodies of tennis should find a possible permanent solution for these players. Nevertheless, we hope the tennis season resumes soon so that these players can start earning again.

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