‘We Did Not Play This Game” – Dr Disrespect Chats With His Daughter

August 30, 2020 7:18 pm

It is a common sight for streamers to pull different gimmicks on their streams to entertain their fans. Many of them gained popularity through such antics, and people absolutely love it. But there are certain moments which just make you go ‘Aww’ and just warm your heart. One such incident occurred recently when Dr Disrespect was streaming and his daughter made an appearance.

Dr Disrespect has an adorable argument with his daughter

His daughter stands right beside him and says that he played Fall Guys last night. Doc defends himself by repeatedly saying “We did not play this game last night“. She adorably responds, standing her ground saying “Yes, you did“. This is when Doc knew there’s no winning against his daughter and asked his daughter to leave. Take a look at the video Doc posted himself below.

To give you more context to this adorable exchange between the father-daughter duo, Doc had a Fall Guys tournament to play in. He was obviously confident that he would win with his ‘Violence, Speed, Momentum’ but it looks like he secretly practiced the night before the tourney. His daughter caught him red-handed and spilled the beans on his own stream. It may have been an embarrassing moment for Doc but it was absolutely adorable.

Fall Guys also seems to be one of his favorite games to play now. He has streamed it a lot lately and he may even be getting good at it. Doc even streamed with PewDiePie which was thoroughly entertaining. The game may be simplistic, but it’s definitely capable of inducing rage in anyone. One wrong step can get you eliminated and people are going crazy over it.

TimTheTatman would be the best example of raging in Fall Guys. He tried his best to get the crown but hilariously failed, every single time. This caught a lot of attention where he literally turned into a meme because of his failure to win. Even the official Fall Guys account trolled him for this until he finally managed to win (with some help of course).

Fall Guys is definitely the breakout game of the year as nobody expected it to blow up on this level. It is still at the No.1 position on the Steam bestseller list since its launch on August 4th. With Season 2 scheduled to arrive soon, it is only going to grow in popularity.

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