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“We Need To Find A Way To Fix It”- Rafael Nadal Calls For Unification Of ATP cup And Davis Cup

“We Need To Find A Way To Fix It”- Rafael Nadal Calls For Unification Of ATP cup And Davis Cup

Rafael Nadal

The Spanish great Rafael Nadal has joined the long list of players who are rallying for a unification of the ATP Cup and the Davis Cup.

Rafael Nadal believes that the concept of two world cups dilutes the purpose of the idea. This is something which has been said by tennis stars like Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev in the past.

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What Did Rafael Nadal Say?

Speaking on starting the season with a team competition, Rafael Nadal said- “It’s a long competition. It’s a tough way to start the season. I don’t know.”

Rafael Nadal later pointed out the absurdity of two tennis world cups within a short time frame. “I think it’s a great competition, but at the same time it’s- I can’t change my mind that two world cups in one month is not real. So it’s not possible.”

The Mallorcan appealed to the ATP and the ITF to take cognizance of the problem and find a solution.

“So we need to find a way to fix it and we need to find a way to make a big deal with ITF and ATP to create a big World Team competition, not two world cups in one month. I think that’s a confusion for the spectators, and we need to be clear in our support.

“And for the health of our sport and for the benefit of our sport it’s, in my opinion, mandatory that we fix it.”

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Is Unification Of The Two Tournaments A Possibility?

Considering the number of players who’ve demanded one grand world cup, the ITF and the ATP certainly need to strike a deal.

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In fact, Gerard Pique and Novak Djokovic (President of the ATP player’s council)  have insinuated that they understanded the underlying reason behind the demand.

In that scenario, the possibility of a unification cam never be ruled out.

Do you think the ATP Cup and the Davis Cup will unify?



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