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Well That Sucks! Corey Anderson and Kelvin Gastelum Fined by NYSAC After UFC 244

Well That Sucks! Corey Anderson and Kelvin Gastelum Fined by NYSAC After UFC 244

Kelvin Gastelum and his coach Rafael Cordeiro have been fined along with UFC light heavyweight, Corey Anderson.

NYSAC has fined Kelvin Gastelum and his coach an amount of 1000$ and 200$ respectively, while Corey Anderson was fined 10,000$.

Kelvin Gastelum fought Darren Till in the co-main event of UFC 244. During the weigh ins, Gastelum requested a towel, which implied a tough weight cut for the fight. Later Kelvin was seen leaning on his coach, Rafael Cordeiro who was watching the weight over Gastelum’s shoulder. Although the officials did not notice it then, NYSAC (New York State Athletic Commission) later released a statement saying it would investigate further on the controversy.

When asked about the weigh-in controversy, Gastelum replied:

“The scale that I have been using all week was heavier than the official scale. So I had to cut more weight than I actually thought I had to. And that’s why I came a little under the weight limit. “

Corey Anderson

Defending his coach, Gastelum has also said:

“I did not even know that he was that close behind me. I just think it’s crazy if anything he would be pushing me down and adding more weight.”

Kelvin Gastelum was not the only athlete from UFC 244 who was fined. UFC light heavyweight, Corey Anderson has also been fined for “unsportsmanlike and disorderly conduct” after his win over Johnny Walker.

Corey Anderson took on the rising star of light heavyweight, Johnny Walker in the prelims of UFC 244. Johnny Walker was the fighter who many fans believe would give the toughest test to the champion, Jon Jones. However, Corey Anderson shocked the world by knocking out Walker in the first round. Emotions went wild after the win as Corey Anderson charged towards Walker even after the referee stopped the fight, shoving the referee in the process. Not only that Anderson also taunted the team of Walker and the audience present at the arena.

However, Corey Anderson apologized on twitter right after the fight saying:

“I want to say I apologise to Johnny Walker, fans, friends, family, and my past athletes for the way I behaved. That was no way shape or form who I am as a person or a professional. I was taught to be a good sport. And that was not that. Emotions got the best of me.”

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