Wenger: Theo Walcott Needs to be Injury Free to be World Class

February 14, 2015 7:30 pm

Arsene Wenger believes that it’s time for Theo Walcott to finally prove that he’s a world class talent and must remain injury free. This being essential since the contract negotiations with the players is due to happen soon.

The England international marked his first start with a goal after returning from injury, when his side demolished Aston Villa last weekend at the Emirate’s Stadium.

Walcott has been quite injury prone over the last few seasons and has missed a full year of football after damaging his knee ligaments in last season’s F.A cup tie against Totenham. Wenger has insisted that Walcott needs to stay injury-free and must have a good run in the team.

“Can he be world class? It is all there,” said Wenger. “Theo’s first quality is the quality of his reception. That means the timing of his movement, where he goes and the area he will get the ball. It is absolutely exceptional, one of the best in the world.

“I think just before he was injured was the best Theo I have ever seen. He had a good balance between being physical, using his pace, and the quality of his finishing had improved tremendously. He’s a great finisher now. I think what he needs is to be a long time without injury. He is 25, and it’s the right age for him. It’s now that is decisive for his career, 25 to 30.”

He has still 18 months to go [on his contract],” said Wenger. “It’s the sort of time we think about it. It’s never easy.”

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