What are the Tips to Consider When Buying a Longboard

October 28, 2019 4:16 pm

Longboarding is one of the sports that many people, especially the young, are interested in. A longboard is a type of equipment which is used in this kind of sports. If you are a newbie and are looking for a longboard, here are some important things that you must know.

What is a longboard?

A longboard is just a sports equipment which is used in longboarding. A longboard is quite similar to a skateboard but a longboard is longer than a skateboard in general. Moreover, longboard has various shapes, not like a skateboard. Actually, longboards are a subcategory of the skateboard. That is the reason why many people cannot distinguish between longboard and skateboard.

The basic differences between a longboard and a skateboard

Of course, if you are about to cruise longboard, a longboard is more suitable than a skateboard. Many people cannot differentiate clearly between them and buy a skateboard instead of a longboard. Here we provide useful information to help you to distinguish them.

About size and shape

For skateboard, the curved shape is designed on both sides of the deck. This kind of design is very useful when users perform kickflips. Not like a skateboard, a longboard often has two strips in the two sides. Besides the design of the two sides, the length of a longboard is different from that of a conventional skateboard. A longboard’s length can be up to approximately 130 cm, which is longer at least 20 cm than a skateboard.

More than that, you also can differentiate a longboard and a skateboard by their weight. A skateboard has lighter weight than a skateboard and it is also easier to use. This is one of the reasons why many surfs like using skateboard than using longboard. However, expert surfs tend to prefer longboards more as its different styles can create more opportunities for outclassing adventure.


You can easily distinguish a longboard and a skateboard through their wheels. Surfs, especially a professional one, often care much about wheels when choosing between a skateboard and a longboard. 

Longboard’s wheel is soft and large. Source: Evo

Because of its lighter weight, a skateboard is often used when surfs want to deliver tricky performance on benches and curbs. Whereas, longboards are often used when performing tricks surfaces that are rough. This is because of its large size and soft wheels. 

Things you should know before buying a longboard

The most basic things: price and skill level

If you just are a newbie and you are not sure whether you can stick to this kind of sports for long, you should not spend too much on an extremely expensive longboard. After trying to the surf, maybe you will find that it is not suitable for you so spending enough amount of money is the best option. 

You can ask your friends or relatives to get the best advice. Or you can start by looking around in the e-commerce websites, for instance, Amazon. You will have various options on what longboard is the most appropriate for you. A longboard whose price is around £50 is most suitable for beginners.

Moreover, you need to remember if it is the first time you buy a longboard: the bigger the longboard, the more balance it creates. This is the reason why beginners are suggested to use the bigger longboard, rather than a thinner one or a more custom design. 

Kind of rider

Longboarding, like other kinds of boardsports, has various rider styles. And it is obvious that each kind of rider has different requirements for a longboard. The thing which is important when buying a longboard is to determine what kind of rider you want to be. 

Freeriders are professional. Source: Hobby Help

Although you can try and progress into different styles, which is up to you and your ability, when you start to surf, you need to have the clear thing you want to do. This will be basic for you to choose your longboard. There is a total of four main types of longboarder, just consider what you want to be.

If you are just a newbie, it is more likely that you are a cruiser. The things that you do when longboarding often include carving slopes and ripping through long distances. If downhill is what you choose, of course, crouch down and rip down the hills are what you gonna do. And they should be as fast as possible. And you need to practice more so that you are good at braking. Because only having a good sense of braking can you take on the downhill type.

Freeriders are usually professional longboarders. They often surf on big descents and take some techniques like slides and curb hops. And you need to differentiate between a free rider and a freestyler. Freestylers are the one who can do all the longboarding techniques, even dancing with the longboards. Opposite to this, a freestyler can be a beginner who just starts to learn the basics and has not had a particular style.

Longboard shapes

If you spend time searching for a longboard, you may notice that they do not have the same shape. So, you can choose which shape is the most suitable for you. There are two types of longboard shape: directional and twin (symmetrical). Longboard with directional shape is good when going fast and forward; thus, it is suggested for a cruiser, downhill and some of the freestyle riders. Twin longboards, on the other hand, are best suited for freeriders and freestylers.

Longboard flex

There are several factors which determine board flex, including laminates, material, length and amount of concave. The differences between these four factors make three types of flex: soft, medium and flex. According to many experts, the soft board is most suitable to mellow cruising and board tricks, whereas the medium one is best for carving, commuting and easy cruising. If you want to bomb hills fastly or freeride, the stiff one is the best.

Gear needed

When surfing, there are some accessories which you should have in order to ensure your safety, especially when you just are a beginner. Foot-stops help to keep your front or back foot in place. Tail or nose guards can protect the tail of your longboard when it dashes the harder objects. The risers are the accessories that you should owe because it will help to avoid wheel-bite thanks to its hard plastic. The shock pads are also necessary. Actually, they just area a softer version of the risers which help to reduce vibration and potential shocks.

Deck styles

Deck style is one of the main things that you need to focus as it can decide the stability of the longboard. A good deck style also helps braking and pushing on the flat ground to be easier. Commonly, if the board is lower, it will be more stable. Thus, you can use it easily as a beginner and the board is easier to push. The higher board, of course, cannot be as stable as the lower one. However, many people still prefer the higher board as they can make tight turns and quickly carves effortlessly.

Longboarding is the kind of sports which many people are interested in nowadays as it is really fun. If you are about to surf, there is something you must know as choosing a longboard the first time can be very difficult. Do not worry, if you need advice from professional skater, visit Longboardbrand.com website to do that.

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