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“What Can I Do” – Roger Federer Opens up on Australian Open Playing Conditions

“What Can I Do” – Roger Federer Opens up on Australian Open Playing Conditions

World No.3 Roger Federer fends off allegations that the high profile players do not care about the playing conditions of the lesser-ranked players at the Australian Open 2020. Federer stressed that he did speak to tournament officials to seek clarity on the poor playing conditions in Melbourne and suggested that he ‘can’t do more’.

Many players expressed their opinion that the top-ranked players would not be forced to play in the same situation at Melbourne Park. Brayden Schnur also branded Federer and Nadal “a little bit selfish” for not standing up for them and only caring about their own careers.

Roger Federer

“What can I do?”: Roger Federer

The 38-year-old revealed he went to the officials on Tuesday and Wednesday during the air pollution crisis. The Swiss maestro was also adamant he acted in the interests of all players.

“So what can I do? I can go to the office, speak to them. I went to them the first day when it was bad on Tuesday, the next day on Wednesday when it was still bad. Then I told them, ‘Look, I just think communication is key for all of us, for everybody. We just need to do more because I felt like I hadn’t gotten enough information,” Federer told the reporters.

Roger Federer

“Can I go to court and say, Everybody stop play? I can try. I don’t think that’s going to do much. So some media are happy to hammer home with that subject because it’s a new one,” he added further

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The Swiss maestro suggested that maybe it was all a bit late. However, he does not think he could do more than he did. He explained that he is on the council and been on the tour for so long.

Roger Federer

“I came through the lower ranks, the juniors. At the end of the day, we all care for one another. We cross paths in the locker room. We’re all cool, you know,” Federer said.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion understands some frustration always because this tour, this calendar, this schedule, whatever it may be, is never perfect. Subsequently, he explicated that “some guys are always going to complain.”

“I worry more for everyone else”: Federer

“I don’t worry. From what we were told yesterday in the player meeting, the Olympic Games and other competitions have the numbers set at 300,” Federer noted.

He revealed that in tennis it is set at 200. From that standpoint, he thinks they are moving in a very safe range. The Basel native elucidated they are not here for six months straight at over 200, 300 and that is when maybe effects really become bad.

“No, I don’t worry too much, to be honest, he said. “I worry more for everybody else who is in the fire, in the smoke. Also, we can stay indoors all day, quickly go out and play, go back in again. It’s not like we’re stuck outside at all times. Maybe that message comes a bit late after the ATP Cup is over after qualifying is over.”

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