What Happens When Marvel Superheroes Meet In Fortnite?

September 27, 2020 6:44 pm

The beauty of Fortnite lies in the lore Epic has created in it over the last three years. The tale has captivated the community for quite a while and still does. There are intricate details in the plotline which no one has an idea about. Alas, with the introduction of each new season, another page is added to the book of never-ending questions in Fortnite.

(Image Courtesy – Epic Games)

Epic Games try their best to conceal numerous secrets in the forms of small hints and clues. The community rushes to investigate these, and over time, several such storylines turn into myths.

Marvel-based myths in Fortnite

Chapter 2 began with a big question. After the events of Chapter 1, Season X, players were left in a state of confusion. With sudden map changes and new dynamics, numerous experts claimed the transition had been hasty. With the introduction of another fictional universe (Marvel), fans started having the craziest ideas.

For instance, a generation grew up watching, reading, and having these heroes as their idols. Thus, it is easy for anyone to be curious about a fight between Wolverine and Dr. Doom. Likewise, who doesn’t want to see if Tony Stark’s bots are actually dummies or not? 

(Image Courtesy – Epic Games)

PlayStationGrenade made a highly entertaining video, bunking a few of these myths. Most of them came in the shape of questions from the fans. However, in all honesty, everyone wants to see superheroes fight. Thus, when Dr. Doom met Wolverine, it was a throwback moment for comic book fans. 

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What happens when Superheroes fight?

(Image Courtesy – Epic Games)

Iron Man, on the other hand, seems to be the strongest boss on the Fortnite island. His Unibeam is perhaps stronger than any other mythic ability. However, when Iron Man and Wolverine squared off at Stark Industries, the outcome was unexpected. Iron Man and his bots went down like dominoes after just a couple of slashes from Wolverine. 

All the new characters have added to the myth present in Fortnite. This is a brilliant idea for Epic Games to coalesce with popular culture. No other video game in history has had this much influence over the gaming community as Fortnite does.

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