What is Fortnite Hiding Under its New Map?

December 9, 2020 7:34 pm

Fortnite concluded what might be the finest season finale so far with a charismatic fight against Galactus. This helped the Marvel Universe to unclasp from the BR and set a pedestal on which it staged Season 5.

Epic Games has dubbed Chapter 2 Season 5 as ‘Zero Point’ and it involves a series of humongous changes. The new season involves bounty hunters from distinct realities who join hands to fight against the ‘Loop’.

However, new locations and new weapons aren’t the only updates that the community is reviewing. Players with an inherent interest in adventure have spotted a mysterious location in the BR.

The players have come across a secret hidden facility beneath Season 5’s new map. It looks like a secret base with concrete walls and steel doors. The reason behind the existence of this base stands clouded in mystery. But from what experience tells us, this base might have a huge role to play in the latter half of the new season.

Players unearth a secret base underneath the new Season 5 map in Fortnite

Several players have already discovered the secret base. This is primarily because they can access it via different locations on the map, including new locations like Stealthy Stronghold, Colossal Coliseum, and Hunters Haven.

A sort of breakable cover protects the entry points through which the players can access this location. This breakable cover is the reason this location has been hidden until now.

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The secret base contains a handful of interesting items, including several chests. However, most of the walls and doors are unbreakable, providing no clue about the purpose the secret facility may serve.

Those who have seen the trailer of Season 5 must be aware of Agent Jonesy. His office resembles that of the secret base which has been uncovered.

Moreover, the office was also visible during the Galactus event and also can be seen in the official trailer of the new season. Hence, it is safe to assume that this secret facility may have a huge role to play as the season progresses.

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