What Is So Special About Dominic Thiem’s Racquet?

By 9 months ago

Dominic Thiem‘s racquet comes from the family of tennis gear prepared by French-based company Babolat.

Babolat has launched its brand new Pure Strike line of 2019 in August, with the testing and insight of no other than the World number 3. Thiem provides both aesthetic and technical feedback to the company.

Dominic Thiem’s association with Babolat

Thiem was launched into the Pure strike franchise years ago. However, he switched to the most updated version in 2017. Currently, Dominic Thiem serves as the face of Babolat’s Pure Strike.

Thiem is clearly in love with his racket. “I would say it was love at first sight. Everything was working. That’s very important that all the strokes are working and then also I don’t lose any feeling on the volleys or slices.”

Dominic used the pure strike for the first time five years ago. The thing Dominic likes about the racquet is that it is very strong and stable and provides an excellent amount of control to the player. This is an indispensable part of a tennis player’s game because if the racquet’s not supportive of your style, all the preparation and technique goes down the drain.

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Who else is there in the Babolat stable?

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Babolat’s stable is not just restricted to Dominic Thiem. It is pretty expansive with Rafael Nadal heading its Pure Aero line and Karolina Pliskova working with its Pure Drive franchise. The special thing about Babolat is that uses its players not only as faces for the brand but also values their feedbacks and insights in creating the best product.

Babolat’s Pure Drive and Pure Aero rackets are the two most popular racquets in terms of sales in the United States and worldwide. A special thing about Babolat is that it was the first company to create strings for racquets in 1875.

Talking about Dominic Thiem, the Austrian star is currently gearing up for the ATP Cup.

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