When a 4-yr Old Michael Schumacher Hit a Lamp-Post

June 29, 2015 2:33 am

In the world of Formula One, there are opinions aplenty about who is the best driver of all time. Some say Senna. Others say Jim Clark. If we let the statistics speak for themselves however, Michael Schumacher reigns supreme.

He won seven championships; the most of any driver, and his haul of 91 Grand Prix wins is nearly double that of the next best driver (Alain Prost with 51). From 2000 to 2004, Schumacher and his Ferrari team were almost unbeatable, winning the championship every single year.

As he tells in the following story however, his proficiency behind the wheel wasn’t always so apparent.

Schumacher’s first interaction with racing cars came at the age of four, when his father fitted a small motorcycle engine to Michael’s pedal kart. Michael proceeded to crash into a lamp post, which prompted his parents to take him to the local kart track where he became the karting club’s youngest member.

In this video, Schumacher unveils his first Defining Moment. He also explains what has changed in motor car racing in the last few years and how important team work really is.


Story credits: unscriptd.com
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