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When Kumar Sangakkara Sledged

When Kumar Sangakkara Sledged

Sangakkara sledging

Sri Lankan batsman Kumar Sangakkara is playing his final test against India currently, and this test match will mark an end to one of the most glorious careers in International Cricket.

Sangakkara, who is often termed as the perfect gentleman in the international arena along with India’s wall Rahul Dravid, too had his share of naughty incident’s on the field of which he may never be proud of.

During the 2003 Cricket World Cup, in a match versus the host South Africa, when the Proteas Captain Shaun Pollock came out to bat, Sangakkara made sure that the rival captain was made to feel the heat of the moment. It was a do or die match for South Africa, and a defeat would have led South Africa crashing out before the super 6 stage.

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