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When Novak Djokovic’s Mother Was Stopped At The Airport For Carrying Too Much Cash

When Novak Djokovic’s Mother Was Stopped At The Airport For Carrying Too Much Cash

Novak Djokovic has been a prolific star at Wimbledon. While many tend to reduce him to a good hard court player, he has five Wimbledon titles to highlight his grass-court resume.

The latest example came last year as he battled Roger Federer in a marathon final, emerging victorious in about six hours. It was a symbolic moment for tennis as Novak took the crown from, probably, the best grass-court player ever. Tennis pundits say that Novak is all set to rule on the grass and at the All England Club in the coming years.

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However, as his purse gets heavier with prize money, a strange incident occurred after his Wimbledon triumph. It involved his mother rather than Novak himself. As she was walking home with her son’s prize money, the airport authorities stopped her. Let’s find out what happened.

Novak Djokovic

Why was the mother of Novak Djokovic stopped at the airport? 

Novak’s mother revealed in an interview that the prize money he earned got her all excited. That’s why she insisted they get cash rather than a cheque.

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“The first time when we come to get the prize money, she said do you want a cheque or cash. I said what cheque, give me cash. And I said wow, you know how much cash it is. But it was a lot of money so this is the first time that I saw quite a lot of money. It was like, one episode on the airport, they wanted to stop me. Because I was carrying this money in my bag. Not Nole, because I said, come on we were on Wimbledon, how much I said hotel, I pay this, I pay that.”

Novak Djokovic mother

It is understandable considering the fact that the family had struggled for their son’s success. When their collective effort finally bore fruit, they were perfectly justified in enjoying it. They are sure to carry many more buckets of cash as Novak Djokovic continues to win titles.

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