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When Tony Ferguson Successfully Executed the Rare Yet Powerful Von Flue Choke to Finish the Fight

When Tony Ferguson Successfully Executed the Rare Yet Powerful Von Flue Choke to Finish the Fight

Tony Ferguson is probably the most dangerous fighter in the lightweight division. While Ferguson has incredible submission skills, he is also an equally brilliant knockout artist. He has finished seven of his last nine opponents, with the last two victories coming through Corner Stoppage and Doctor Stoppage.

Ferguson has 25 career wins to his name, with 8 of them coming via submission. D’arce choke has almost become synonymous with Tony’s finishing maneuver.  

However, back in 2008, Ferguson successfully attempted the rare yet powerful Von Flue Choke. 

What’s the Von Flue Choke? 

A relatively rare yet very powerful submission move, the Von Flue choke was first used by UFC fighter Jason Von Flue. He successfully managed to force Alex Karalexis to submit with this choke at Ultimate Fight Night 3.

Von Flue choke is a shoulder choke, from side control. It’s very effective on the ground. The move is often seen as a defense to a guillotine choke. The fighter forces his weight through his shoulder on the opponent, while taking complete side control.

Ferguson successfully executed Von Flue choke

Just two years after Jason Von Flue made the move famous, Ferguson executed it to perfection.

In 2008, Ferguson faced an equally impressive Joe Schilling at Total Fighting Alliance 12.

Both Schilling and Ferguson are famous for their lethal elbows in the MMA community and UFC respectively. However, the fight only lasted for two rounds, as Ferguson overpowered Schilling in the early minutes of the second round. 

Tony Ferguson will face Khabib Nurmagomedov next

Tony Ferguson

UFC 246 will witness Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov inside Barclays Centre for the UFC lightweight championship. 

Ferguson has been scheduled to face Khabib on multiple occasions in the past. It will be his first attempt at the title belt, after winning the interim championship in 2017. 

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