When will Kyrie Irving Return from Injury? Timeline & Injury Updates of the Brooklyn Nets Player

December 16, 2019 1:42 am

All the joy for a Brooklyn Nets fan after the superstar signings in the pre-season did not stay very long. The Nets had signed free agents Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant on four-year deals. While Durant was expected to be out for the whole season, Irving made a blistering start to the season in his new colors. However, the joy was short-lived and Irving suffered a shoulder injury in mid-November.

How long will Kyrie Irving be out?

Initially, Kyrie’s injury wasn’t reported as a major one and he was expected to be back soon. However, it’s easy to speculate that the injury might not be as minor as described at the start; he has not played in the last 15 games.

He last played against Denver Nuggets on November 15. Later, he missed a trip to Boston but was still booed when the Nets played the Celtics. He also had a hard reply to the jeering that he received.

After the games, he was expected to be back in the lineup. But seven games since, and he is yet to lay foot on the court.

What was initially termed as a short-term injury has held Kyrie back for over a month now.

The exact timeline of his injury is still unknown. Even Nets manager Sean Marks recently conceded that he wasn’t sure of his star man’s return date.

“I think the timeline for his recovery is somewhat up to him, but also up to his body and how that progresses. It could happen quickly or it could take some time,” Marks had said as per Yahoo Sports.

“And where we are at this stage of the season — and where we are as a team over the next couple years — there’s no point in forcing guys to come back too soon. Especially a player of his caliber and expectations.”

Irving has not done any contact work so far and his return might still take a few more days. His return might vary from as short as a few days to a few months.

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