When Will Ninja Start Streaming Again?

September 6, 2020 7:37 pm

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is definitely one of the biggest streamers in the world. He rose to fame in the early days of Fortnite’s prominence in the battle royale genre, and built a massive fan-following with his insane skills in the game. Surprisingly, the blue-haired streamer hasn’t streamed for a while now. This has got the fans thinking – where in the world is he and what is he planning?

His sudden disappearance from streaming probably stems from the Mixer shut-down back in June. The former Microsoft-owned streaming website shocked the world when it announced that it was shutting its operations. Ninja and Shroud, two of the biggest names in the streaming industry, were a part of the Mixer family. Consequently, they were given huge payouts and were suddenly free to stream on any platform of their choice.

Blevins has been MIA since the Mixer shutdown

Both of them went MIA for almost a month, but Ninja was the first one to make a comeback. As the fans anticipated, he made a spectacular return to streaming by going live on YouTube for the first time ever. He managed over 167k concurrent viewers on the stream and things were looking great. But that was the last time fans saw him live on YouTube which meant that he wasn’t streaming there full time.

Another bit of exciting news came when he actually went live on Twitch, the platform where he originally rose to fame. He is still the most followed Twitch creator, even after almost a year of absence. After his one-off YouTube appearance, he joined fellow streamer Dr. Lupo on Twitch. But again, that was the last time fans saw him live on Twitch, which is now more than 24 days ago.

Meanwhile, Shroud finally made up his mind and returned to Twitch, exclusively. This was not actually surprising considering he already had a strong fan base on the platform. It was obviously easier to pick up where he left off rather than starting from scratch on a new platform. But Ninja is still hasn’t made up his mind.

Tyler may not be streaming, but he has been playing and uploading videos on his YouTube channel. So far, he has played Fall Guys, Valorant, Fortnite, and Call Of Duty Warzone. He even uploaded a video of him playing ‘Among Us’ with a couple of other streamers. But the fact still remains that he hasn’t gone live in a long time now.

Ninja is looking at the ‘Hollywood Life’

Source: Hollywood Reporter

So what exactly is he up to? When will he start streaming again? The answer to these questions probably lies in the epic Hollywood Reporter wrote about him. In the interview, Ninja revealed his plans for the future. And while fans thought it would a switch to another platform, he was planning something even bigger. Tyler revealed that he had his eyes set on Hollywood and sent everyone into meltdown.

Blevins also mentioned that he was looking at “Movies, voice acting, cartoons”. This is a huge leap for someone from the streaming industry. It is a known fact that Ninja has a cameo in the upcoming Disney movie ‘Free Guy’, alongside Ryan Reynolds. This means that he has already in Hollywood, and it will only be a matter of time before he establishes himself there.

This is possibly the biggest reason behind his absence. The ‘Hollywood Life’ is not easy as it comes with tight schedules, a hectic lifestyle, dozens of interviews, and a more. But if Ninja is to make it there, he may have to lay off streaming for a while longer.

He obviously won’t give up on streaming considering he makes a living off it. But if things work out well, he could change the streaming industry forever.  This would also open new avenues for other streamers as well.

Nevertheless, the only possible explanation at this moment is that Ninja definitely has something big in store for his fans. It is only a matter of time before he reveals it to the world.

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