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When Will Redd Show Up In Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

When Will Redd Show Up In Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

About a month after the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the game introduced Jolly Redd with the 1.2.0 update in April. Long time fans of the popular Animal Crossing series already know him. For the unknown, he is a vendor who runs a black market store and visits the islands to sell artwork. Players can fill up their museum’s art gallery with Redd’s products, which consists of painting and statues.

Redd cannot be entirely trusted, though. He does sell fake product alongside genuine ones. But since he is the only dealer of art in New Horizons, you must trade with him.

However, since Redd is a special NPC, he will spawn on your island without a specific time frame. While some players are lucky enough to have encountered him on their island multiple times, others have barely seen him once, or not at all. Some players speculated whether he has gone missing. Redd typically shows up once every couple of weeks or so.

When does Redd appear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Twitter user and ACNH player, Ninji, recently posted information about the unique NPCs in the game. The data miner revealed how their visits function with certain requirements. According to Ninji, players are guaranteed to meet special visitors like Kicks, Leif, and Saharah on weekdays, provided that they have the Able Sisters on their island. This implies that the other special characters of Redd, Gulliver, CJ, Flick, and Label will randomly occupy the two remaining weekday slots. Weekend slots are unavailable as KK Slider and Daisy Mae fill them up.

With five unique NPCs striving for two slots, it is possibly the reason why some players haven’t encountered Redd for some time. However, to meet Redd for the first time, players need to speak with Blathers, where he will mention art donations. The next day, Redd will arrive on the island.

During the initial meeting, his Treasure Trawler boat will be inaccessible. You need to wait until he appears again, which will take a while, as the game decides when he will appear.

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How to know if Redd showed up?

There are two ways you can know whether Redd appeared on your island. First, Isabelle will notify the villagers about the vendor’s visit to their islands. He is announced as a ‘suspicious character’ with the morning update. Otherwise, if he arrives without informing, take a look at the mini-map and check if his Treasure Trawler (designated with an icon) docked at the island’s northern shore. Players need a ladder to climb down to the coast.

Good luck with finding Redd and filling up your art gallery, villager!

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