Where Will Neymar End Up?

August 13, 2019 6:25 pm

When Neymar left Barcelona to join Paris Saint Germain for a record transfer fee, he felt going away from playing with one of the best in the world will give him an opportunity to shine as one of the best in the world.

What he did not anticipate that going into a league with not the greatest of competitions would not be as good for his career. After two year at the French capital, with so many goals and assists, he probably is feeling that he is getting nowhere with his career.

The PSG president, two years back, thought splashing cash, no matter however outrageous amount it might be, would bring him the trophy he aspired. For whatever reason, PSG could not do any better in the Champions League than that did before Nemar.

After two year of complete authority given to Neymar, the club president probably realised that any player is not bigger than the club and it was best to leave Neymar if he wished so.

But the problem here is, the outrageous amount of money. The French club would not settle for a low amount on a player they invested so much in. But who can afford to spend such a huge amount of money, however good the player might be? The options for Neymar became extremely limited.

With the kind of activity Manchester City have shown in the transfer market, one gets a feeling that the Shiekhs might have enough of an investment. But with already a squad so deep, do they have room for another player of such quality?

Neymar had to look back again at the club that he had abandoned two years back. Whatever Neymar must have felt expressing his desire to go back to the club which he so ruthlessly left, he had very few options, probably none. And whatever the club might have felt about the player who had so hatefully left, they would not let emotion be an obstacle to add such an amazing talent to the squad.

Then began the speculations of Neymar going back to Barcelona. Barcelona were also ready to give away Philippe Coutinho, another player whose situation is completely in shambles after forcing a move that did not turn out as expected, in a hope to lure PSG into giving Neymar. But the talks did not go very well.

But then, Barcelona signed Antoine Griezmann. In terms of resources as well as requirement, the chances of Neymar joining the Catalans became sleek. In a way, Barcelona had their revenge over the Brazilian who had left them two years ago.

The began the Real Madrid interest. Madrid, after reappointing Zinedine Zidane as their manager, picked up some exciting names in the transfer market, most notably Eden Hazard from Chelsea. In the latest reports, the Los Blancos were ready to pay 120 million euros plus Luka Modric for the Brazilian.

But Barcelona, at any cost would not want it to happen. Watching Neymar at Madrid would be absolutely disheartening for Barcelona. So much so that, their superstar Lionel Messi, is reported to have involved to bring in the Brazilian back.

Since the news about Neymar and Real Madrid began to intensify, Messi apparently didn’t take kindly to that and made it clear to Neymar he shouldn’t go to Madrid. Instead, Messi reportedly urged Neymar to leave Paris Saint-Germain and push for a return to Barcelona.

In the latest of reports, Barcelona have stepped up their interest in Neymar with a €60million (£55m) plus Philippe Coutinho offer for the wantaway Paris Saint-Germain star.

It is becoming more and more evident that the Brazilian might not continue in Paris.

A video footage recorded by the Brazilian journalist João Henrique Marques suggests all trace of Neymar has been removed from the Paris Saint-Germain club shop

Neymar has been looking for an exit for a while now, but very few moves seem feasible for the clubs who want to bring in the former Barcelona superstar. Though the options are hugely limited, the big question is yet unanswered. By the end of the transfer window, where will Neymar end up?

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