Which Platform Has the Most Skilled Fortnite Players PC, Mobile or Console?

January 2, 2021 11:54 pm

The gaming industry has journeyed beyond the war between consoles and PC. In the modern era, mobile gaming has turned into one of the new surging contenders that has built an incredible market of its own. The changing trends have forced studios like Mihoyo, Epic Games, Activision among others to offer games that can cater to audiences across each platform. In the case of Fortnite, Epic Games has made its competitive sphere available on every platform. This game is well known for its multi-million dollar tournaments and a massive professional scene.

Each of these platforms has its own professional gamers, but which one takes the most skill? Let’s find out.

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Are PC Fortnite players the best compared to Mobile and Console?

The community usually debates that the platform they play on requires the most skill. PC players enjoy the liberty of precise movements and aim provided by the comfort of mouse and keyboard, but they are dismissive of other platforms like consoles and mobile. They usually suggest that these platforms use aim assist that tramples on the integrity of fair competition.

Ali A posted a comparison video that featured the biggest plays and the best players from each platform that you can check out below. This video features all three platforms that should provide a conclusion to this long-staying debate.

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The debate has been sparked time and time again between all the platforms. Shroud, who is a retired professional CS: GO player, has time and time again addressed this question.  He firmly believes that skills are transferable across any platform as being a professional player takes more than just good aim. A good grasp of the mechanics of the game, map knowledge, and so on decides which player is truly the best.

The explanation Shroud has provided is rather sound and logical and the above video backs it resoundingly. The Arena mode of Fortnite literally connects gamers from all platforms to compete against one another. If people from each platform are able to keep up against each other on the game mode, then it is safe to say professional players are truly skilled people, no matter which platform they compete on.

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