Which Was the Best Event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons this Year?

December 29, 2020 11:13 pm

Animal Crossing: New Horizons since its inception in March this year has exposed the players to a variety of events. Unlike other entries in the franchise, however, devs have limited the use of time travel in New Horizons. This disabled excited players from spilling the beans for others and also put an end to the practice of excessive time travel that has been heavily criticized.

In addition, it kept the players on edge as the game kept buzzing on social media on a monthly basis. As a result, Animal Crossing won the award for the Best Family Game at the Game Awards this year. It fell short of bagging the Game of the Year Award, which went to Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us II.

A list of new events are already lined up for next year as a glorious year for video games is coming to an end. However, the end of this year also raises a very important question- Which has been the best event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons so far?

The following events took place in Animal Crossing this year

Bunny Day

The first event post-launch was Bunny Day. The twelve-day event coined by Zipper T. Bunny sent the players on an adventurous egg hunt. However, some players felt that the event came too soon in the game and didn’t let the players explore it to the full potential.

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On the flip side, other players had fun hunting the eggs rather than updating their cryptopedia.

Nature Day in Animal Crossing

The Nature Day marked the return of Leif the sloth and his shrubberies. This is another event that lasted for over a fortnight and made the islands come alive with a variety of flora. Moreover, players received five times the amount of Nook Miles for completing events during this event.

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Internation Museum Day

The International Museum Day Event took place in May and required everyone to collect stamps. Collecting these stamps enabled everyone to collect plaques for bugs, fishes, and fossils. However, players attempting to collect these stamps complained that they received similar plaques which made completing the event an uphill task.

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Wedding Season

The wedding event occupied the entire month of June. This month was also rather slow for players who were restricted to the four walls of their homes because of the ongoing pandemic. While it was fun to photograph ReTail lovebirds, Cyrus and Reese, on Harv’s island the first time, the players eventually got tired of doing it.

Fireworks in August

Everyone looked forward to Sunday evenings in Animal Crossing when the fireworks show took place. Not only could the players enjoy an amalgamation of different colors, but they could also design their unique fireworks designs. Not just that, Redd’s raffle was a perfect way of acquiring items that were otherwise hidden in the game.

Pumpkin Day

This event saw the return of Jack, the Czar of Halloween. This event turned everyone’s islands into a shade of orange as the leaves changed color to mark the onset of fall in the game.

New makeup options, costumes, and pumpkins were available throughout everyone’s islands. Several new seasonal items made their way to the game using which the players could craft other seasonal items using new DIYs.

Toy Day in Animal Crossing

This was possibly the most anticipated event of the year. Not only did the players’ islands get covered with snow, but the players in the Northern Hemisphere also witnessed the Northern Lights for the first time.

Players exchanged gifts with other villagers and also helped Jingle the reindeer by distributing gifts throughout their islands. Jingle the reindeer then awarded them with exciting gifts and also new DIYs.

March 2021 will mark the one-year anniversary of New Horizons. It’ll be interesting to see if the existing events are altered or the devs tweak the same events to make them grander.

Which do you think was the best event of the year? Feel free to drop your pick in the comments section.

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