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Who Conducts the Champagne Ceremonies for Each Formula 1 Race

Who Conducts the Champagne Ceremonies for Each Formula 1 Race

After each Formula 1 race, specifically on the podium and after all the ceremonies and national anthems, the drivers always spray champagne on each other. However, sharp-eared viewers would notice that a voice would always yell, “The Champagne!” before the drivers spray each other.

Bob Constanduros is the Formula One track commentator at most Grands Prix worldwide. He’s held this position since the mid-eighties and hasn’t missed a Grand Prix since then, racking up over 550 Grands Prix in total.

Having been born into a family which was involved in racing, he worked as a freelance journalist in the late sixties. He has often travelled from race to race in Formula 1, sports cars, F2, F3 and even touring cars.

In the 1980s, Bob became the circuit commentator as well as interviewer at the FIA Press Conferences with Formula 1 drivers and team personnel. In addition to that, he also works for Formula One Management’s TV outlet and conducts presentations in the Paddock Club.

However, Constanduros is best known for hosting the podium ceremony and announcing the winners and the dignitaries as well as the spraying of the “champaaaagne”. To this day, he continues to take an interest in all forms of motor sport, including rallying, karting and club racing.

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