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Who is next for Daniel Cormier ? Jon Jones or Stipe Miocic.

Who is next for Daniel Cormier ? Jon Jones or Stipe Miocic.

Daniel Cormier

Anaheim seems to be a curse for the former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier as he gets knocked out for the second time at this venue. It was Jon Jones the first time, and this time it was the champion from Cleaveland, Stipe Miocic in the main event of UFC 241.

When you have been unbeaten your whole life, the taste of defeat can break you. It’s even truer when you are a competitor as Daniel Cormier is. After his second loss to Jones via knockout, Cormier emotions went wild as he cried standing inside the very octagon in which has had achieved some unprecedented feet. It was no different this time. It was obvious Daniel Cormier was devastated with the loss. However, the show goes on, and with that, there is one question that bothers all of us.

If Cormier decides to step into the octagon again then whom should he face?

There have been only two men who have defeated DC. Jon Jones beat Cormier in light heavyweight twice and Stipe did it in heavyweight. Although there is a PED controversy surrounding DC vs Jones fights, you can’t deny the fact that Jones has the right to say that he is better than Cormier.

So DC’s next opponent may beĀ  Jones at light heavyweight or heavyweight. Or he may decide to fight Stipe again.

Daniel Cormier


But which of these two fights makes more sense for Daniel Cormier? Which victory would mean more to his legacy?

One thing we have to understand very well, one defeat is not going to make you lose the greatest of all-time title. Anderson Silva has lost many fights in his career. However, if you ask fans about Silva, they are probably going to rank him above all other fighters even the undefeated Jon Jones and Khabib. Similarly, GSP has lost fights too. yet it is difficult to make an argument against the fact that he is not the greatest of all time.

Rematch with Stipe?

Daniel Cormier

Coming to the loss against Stipe, Daniel Cormier was winning the fight until the 4th round. Stipe is one of the best boxers in the heavyweight and Cormier was hurting Miocic with his striking. If it wasn’t for the masterful strategy Stipe came up with 4th round to dig DC’s body with those brutal hooks, Daniel Cormier would have won that fight. If Dc had taken Stipe down and wrestle with him, he probably could have done that for five straight rounds.

So we can not conclude that Stipe is the best heavyweight ever. He was the better fighter last night for sure. To add more premises to the argument, Daniel Cormier has a victory over Stipe too. So we can’t say who is the better fighter. However, the MMA community might look at both of them and say Stipe is the best heavyweight ever since that’s how it works in MMA. ” You are only as good as your last fight”

If Francis Ngannou comes and knocks out Stipe in a rematch, so is Ngannou the best heavyweight of all time now? The pound for pound best conversation can be very complex than just a list.

Rematch with Jones?

Daniel Cormier

Jon Jones has beaten Daniel Cormier twice in light heavyweight. Picogram or not, we saw the two fights and we saw Jones was the better man in the first fight. Cormier may get caught with that perfect head kick in the second fight but there is no denying the fact that Jones went five rounds with Cormier, defended his takedowns something that very few men have been able to do, and got his hands raised in the end proving he is a better fighter.

Now there is a different narrative if this fight happens in heavyweight since Cormier will have the weight and power advantage. Sure Jones will still be a tough fight for Cormier at heavyweight but it will be more compelling than another fight at the light heavyweight.

And if jones has to move to heavyweight at one point or another to cement his legacy as the best martial artist ever.

Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier is the fight to make


Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier doesn’t need to step into the octagon again to face his arch-enemy, Jon Jones. Financially he is doing amazing and he has already proved over the years that he is one of the greatest to do it. But he is 2-0 against Jones. And Very few fans will argue against the statement that Jon Jones is a better fighter than Daniel Cormier.

However, Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier have fought a total of 5 rounds over two matches. And Daniel Cormier has won four of those rounds. He lost a fight and he won a fight. And that seems much more compelling than a third fight with Jones at the moment.

Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor is the most anticipated fight in combat sports history for a reason. Nate Diaz won the first match. Conor came back and avenged his loss. Now we can’t wait to see them fight for the third time. That’s what we have over here. With one win and one loss, both Stipe and Daniel Cormier need to fight again for the title of “Best heavyweight of all time”.

So if Daniel Cormier decides to fight one more time, it has to be to avenge his loss against the current heavyweight king Stipe Miocic.

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