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Getting to know Simona Halep’s Boyfriend Toni Iuruc

Getting to know Simona Halep’s Boyfriend Toni Iuruc

Simona Halep with boyfriend Toni Iuruc

Simona Halep was rumored to be dating former Romanian tennis player Radu Barbu. The pair, however, never admitted their relationship in public. In the latest relationship update, she seems to have moved on from Radu and found herself in love-lock with a billionaire businessman. Simona Halep’s boyfriend Toni Iuruc is a 40-year-old Macedonian businessman.  This time, though, Simona feels comfortable enough to share the details of her dating life with the public.

Here is all that we know about him.

Who is Simona Halep’s Boyfriend Toni Iuruc?

Toni Iuruc is a 40-year-old businessman from Macedonia and owns several companies in Romania. The pair first publicly came out when the duo shared a dinner in Constanta, Romania.

The media also spotted them having fun and kissing each other on a jetski in the Black Sea.

Toni and Simona were always close but maintained distance to allow her to play tournaments without much public attention.


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In a recent interview with TVR1, Simona Halep spoke about her relationship with Toni Iuruc, while also asking them to respect their privacy.

“Now I am more relaxed and open. I have a dear person.

“We have a normal relationship, I feel very well. But I would like it to stay personal. I belong to Romania when it’s about tennis. Love and tennis can coincide, but I think personal life is the most important one. I am dating someone and I would never be able to sacrifice my family for tennis.”

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