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3 Reasons Why Alonso and Mercedes would be a bad idea

3 Reasons Why Alonso and Mercedes would be a bad idea

Well Formula One 2016 season has ended and it gave us a 33rd champion in the 66 odd years history of the sport by the name of Nico Rosberg. So while everyone thought that everything will simmer down till at least February when the Car launches happen, Nico Rosberg surprised the world by announcing a shock retirement from Formula One.

And that in turn has opened up the most coveted drive on the grid which has resulted in a flurry amongst all the drivers and if Niki Lauda’s claim is to be believed then almost every driver on the grid has offered himself for the post.

As of now several names are being touted for the drive including Wehrlein, Vettel, Bottas and to everyone’s hopes and prayers Alonso. While Vettel has a contract with Ferrari for next year, so does Bottas with Williams and Alonso with McLaren.

Pascal  Wehrlein would be the obvious choice given he is Mercedes’s reserve driver but in promoting him the team risks of throwing him to the top too soon. Bottas is managed by Toto Wolff which translates to a strong link to the Mercedes drive but Williams having signed a rookie for next year will make letting go of Bottas out of his contract a whole lot harder (read costlier) for Mercedes. In Vettel, Mercedes have a guarantee of a top notch performer and his German nationality goes well with the team but if Vettel’s comments are any indications then he has no interest pairing up with Hamilton rather giving his best to emulate Schumacher in the Italian stable. Alonso too has a contract with McLaren who’ll try their level best to retain the two time world champion in the wake of a dismal but improving union with Honda.

Therefore it seems like a two horse race between  Wehrlein and Alonso, fueled by Toto Wolff’s admission that they cannot rule out Alonso and that talks for Wehrlein’s move to Sauber has been put on hold, for the 2nd all conquering beast Mercedes has produced for the last three years. If you go by the rant of the fans then the unanimous vote would be favour of Alonso but it’s the Silver Arrows managment that’ll be taking a decision and these are the reasons why Alonso in Mercedes would be a bad bad bad idea.

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