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Did Daniel Ricciardo Leave Red Bull Because Of Verstappen?

Did Daniel Ricciardo Leave Red Bull Because Of Verstappen?

Perhaps it may not be wrong to say that among the big mysteries of Formula 1 is the reason or should one say force(s) behind Daniel Ricciardo’s exit from Red Bull.

While surely, there may surely be many for whom Daniel Ricciardo moving to Renault was the next gradual step in his career, it can’t be denied that there would be a few for whom Daniel Ricciardo moving out of Red Bull may have seemed an ‘ouster’ and not a ‘what next’ move in his journey.

To that end, it can only be said figuratively speaking that with each passing day, more theories emerge on the real reason behind Daniel Ricciardo leaving Red Bull in being Renault-bound as one finds him today.

While the Australian had himself mentioned the concern 2019’s Honda engine would’ve brought to the Red Bull racing team, it can be said that despite some ideas or clarifications on the subject, not an awful lot has been clarified about what can be called an impending query.

So that finally brings us to the question that could really use an answer or two. Just why did the smiling Australian driver from Perth move out of the Christian Horner-camp and make inroads toward a team with which he isn’t exactly making eye-catching news?

Daniel Ricciardo
source: abc.com.au

Truth be told, of the many personalities associated with the sport, the Scuderia Toro Rosso team principal Franz Tost has offered an explanation.

He is of the view that Daniel Ricciardo actually left the Red Bull outfit upon the completion of the 2018 F1 season because of Max Verstappen. While to many, it may have occurred on some instances that perhaps not all was right between the two talented drivers, it can also be said that Max‘s sheer presence in the team ‘may’ have also caused the Australian to have moved out.

Anyhow, here is what the experienced Austrian had to share on the matter:

Max is currently one of the fastest drivers,” Tost said via Motorsport.com.

“I think one reason why Ricciardo left was certainly Max. Because he thought to himself: ‘I won’t beat him so easily anymore’.

Tost went on to praise Verstappen’s refined approach and believes his overtaking moves have become much cleaner and more decisive.

“He realized that he doesn’t always have to go through the wall with his head,” Tost added.

“Now he’s reached a level where he’ll compete for victories and the world championship if everything comes together.

“He also showed super overtaking maneuvers where you didn’t get the impression that it was on a knife’s edge.

“He really has this maturity now that makes it possible for a driver to compete for a world championship.”

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