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Why Do Fortnite Players In China Get Free Victory Royale?

Published 10/11/2020, 7:40 AM EDT

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Despite being an American game, players around the world enjoy Fortnite. There are several Fortnite servers spread across the globe and consequently, every player is able to experience the same skins, modes, and events of the game. Also, this globalized approach helps in organizing global tournaments, where top players from every region compete against each other.

When it comes to the Chinese version of the game, however, Epic Games has to alter a lot of things. The game not only has a lot of different skins, but the game meta is completely different from that of the ‘actual’ Fortnite.

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Fortnite China and skulls do not get along

Due to certain ruling restrictions, skull designs are banned in Chinese games and Fortnite is no exception. In fact, Fortnite has a lot of skull-themed character skins, weapons, and items. The Chinese variant either bans these skins or customizes the skull parts. As a result, Chinese players cannot see a Mystique skin with the skull back bling in the game. Even other skins like the Skull trooper are non existent in the Chinese version.

However, the devs have certainly missed out on changing Mystique’s skull emote as YouTuber Ali-A noticed it recently:


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Exclusive skins in the game that are rare for players outside China

On the brighter side, the Chinese players also have some exclusive skins for their region like the Penguin, and the Insignia back bling. Two pickaxes that resemble an arrow and a mechanical arm are also exclusive for the Chinese version. The only opportunity to have them outside China was during the initial release of the game. Players had to complete some basic challenges in order to get these pickaxe skins, but both of these are very rare now.

Also, the season 8 skull pirate skin was customized for Fortnite China. Even without the skull, the Chinese variant of the skin was great and players of other regions still look forward to somehow getting their hands on the skin.

Completely transformed game meta for Fortnite China


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Fortnite professionals as well as fans play the game for countless hours at a time. Alas, the Chinese version puts time restrictions on players so that they do not play the game for long hours. There are strict and innovative measures to implement these time restrictions, so the players are not addicted to the game.

Players lose a lot of XP and miss out on a lot of challenges if they play the game for more than three hours. The game meta is also focused on making the matches shorter. As soon as a match hits the 20-minute mark, every player gets the Victory Royale. Most importantly, the player with the highest number of kills in the lobby is also encouraged to take the victory royale and end the game early.

Last but not least, Fortnite China does not support killing/violence among characters. Accordingly, every character is a hologram, and the storm is an ‘anti-radio signal’. To reduce the chances of players healing and wasting time, the game has a separate bar that fills up while the players are in the anti-radio signal. Players cannot heal in the circle and die if the bar fills up.


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Fortnite China is certainly a very different experience for anyone who plays the game outside of China. Despite its restrictions, players still love the game in China and are pretty good at it!


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