Why Do Runners Wear Compression Arm Sleeves?

July 30, 2019 7:26 pm

Most athletes, from runners to golf players, often wear sleeves on their arms while performing their sport. It’s a popular accessory in the universe of sports, and even professional players wear them. When they were introduced, a lot of people started to become curious, wondering why they were being worn or what can they actually do for the human body.

Now, compression arm sleeves were originally designed to be a tight layer for your muscles. It was used to enhance your body’s blood circulation ability. Over time, they became a fashionable athletic accessory, but it didn’t stop there. You may have seen that a lot of marathon runners or track athletes wear them while they are performing. Every athlete knows and understands the importance of keeping their bodies as fit and healthy as possible. Sometimes, you have to bring in a little assistance to make sure that’s being accomplished. That’s why you see a lot of runners investing in compression sleeves, and not only for their arms, but for their legs too. The popularity of this accessory is constantly on the rise, and some people wear them in their everyday life.

There is more than a single benefit behind this incredible development. Besides comfort, you have a few other things that are significant to look forward to:

Easier Body Temperature Management

Whether you’re working out on the field or training, you never know exactly what the weather is going to be like. Sometimes, the weather is just right, and then you have days where it gets gloomy. It could be hot outside with the sun beaming down on you, and then snow or rain can come strike at any time. Since you can’t predict the weather, you wouldn’t know what to wear. With compression arm sleeves, you can easily maintain your body temperature. These sleeves can keep you dry, and they can keep you warm, and you won’t have to worry about moisture either. Most compression sleeve designs are made so that they can easily wick away that excess sweat instead of absorbing it.

Gain Extra Protection

There’s always a time where you will wish you had the right protection when you’re actively playing sports. When it comes to bumps, scrapes, and burns, you want to be protected. You even want to be protected from the sun if it’s super-hot outside. Sleeves may not make you invincible, but they offer protection when it comes to any of these cases. The compression material gently protects your arms in an effective way. Ideally, it eliminates the chances of you running into any skin-related injuries.

Speedy Recovery

Athletes always look forward to having a source that can bring them a speedy recovery. It’s been proven that compression sleeves can help keep your lactate levels under control. More specifically, it keeps them low, preventing any cases of swelling. With that prevented, you will be able to recover a lot quicker than usual. Your blood flow will be able to stay regulated and managed enough so that it affects your body in a positive matter. Circulation, blood flow, lactate levels; these are all important factors when you’re focusing on your ability to recover during or from activities.

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