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Christian Horner reveals the reason why Pierre Gasly was chosen at Red Bull and not Sainz

Christian Horner reveals the reason why Pierre Gasly was chosen at Red Bull and not Sainz

Pierre Gasly has ‘more’ potential than Carlos Sainz Jr. Not our theory. Not that of some fan boy’s either. Rather, the true feeling of Red Bull team principal Christian Horner.

In making a staunch defense of his decision to hire the services of Frenchman over the rising Spanish talent Carlos Sainz Jr., Horner has stated that only Pierre, a driver with an experience of 27 races against his name, was deserving of the Red Bull seat.

This, in his Horner’s view, was the sole reason why the French driver was promoted over the Spaniard. Interestingly, where public opinion goes, one may not necessarily classify Carlos Sainz Jr. as any less talented than the 23-year-old Rouen-born Red Bull driver.

To quote more on the developing news, Horner is of the view that in no way whatsoever did his team made a wrong decision in getting Pierre Gasly behind the wheel of Red Bull for the ‘potential’ that everybody was able to spot in him.

As of last year, in lines with Ricciardo’s decision to move to Renault, there was a lot of talk as to which driver would possibly fill the vacuum left by the Australian’s exit.

This, in a way, nearly became a predicament as there was very little or almost no scope whatsoever left to hire any of the top drivers with Bottas being regained by Mercedes, Vettel staying put at Ferrari, and Raikkonen having moved on to the newly-christened Alfa Romeo.

Now that said, Horner also expressed his feeling about Carlos’ talent, making no bones about the fact that, “Carlos is a talented driver and I am happy to see him continue this career in F1 with McLaren. But we had a feeling that Pierre had more potential with us.”

That said, Pierre Gasly, as of the 2018 season, could only manage 29 points and occupies the fifteenth spot on the driver’s rankings.

The question now is whether the young driver can exhibit some form and repay the faith vested in his abilities by one of the best outfits there is in the tectonic world of F1?

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