Why the timing of Fernando Alonso’s retirement is important for Formula One

August 31, 2017 3:57 pm

Okay let’s get this straight. McLaren does not have any other options than Honda and Fernando has no options other than McLaren.

The Spaniard has given up on the third world title and instead has shifted his focus on the triple crown. He enjoys the current Formula One but for how long can he put up in an uncompetitive machinery?

Speculations are rife once again as to what decision the two time world champion would take and whether he’ll remain in F1 or not and if it’s the latter then the timing of his bidding goodbye assumes paramount importance to the sport.

Last year the sport’s gentleman Jenson Button retired along with Felipe Massa. Although the Brazilian returned, reigning Champion Nico Rosberg hung his helmet too and although he did not enjoyed a very big fan following, his departure was still a blow to the sport.

The top drivers in the sport are all nearing their due date within the next 5 years and new drivers are yet to make a name for themselves like these have except Verstappen.

Kimi Raikkonen is driving on a borrowed time and the Finn would be 38 this year and although he’s confirmed for next year but every year the chances of that year being his last is ever increasing and therefore his departure will impact the fans given he is a clear fan favorite as the opinion polls reflect each year.

Same is the case with Lewis Hamilton who enjoys the top status in the sport but given his varied interests other than the sport, how long will he stick around is a looming questions as well.

If Fernando does decides to retire at the end of this year to move onto pastures anew, although saddening, the sport will be able to cope up with his exit.

But if Fernando decides to stick with McLaren-Honda on the promise of the alliance’s backing him in his Indy 500 and Le Mans outing the later can be gauged by McLaren’s sudden interest in WEC, things can take a different turn.

This could result in a tricky situation for the sport if Fernando’s departure coincides  with any other big name as well. The resulting dent it would put on the sport could possibly never be fully mended. So the coming months would be of utmost importance for the Sport for this is something nothing can be done about except watching from the sidelines.

Muktesh Swamy

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