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Will Dr Disrespect Break Viewership Record With Return?

Published 08/04/2020, 4:22 PM EDT

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Dr Disrespect is the talk of the town these days and it may or may not be for the right reasons. The largely popular streamer made a name for himself by channeling his alter-ego for his streams. His charisma, antics and trash-talk while in character are beyond entertaining. No wonder he has such a great fan following.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Doc may not be the most mechanically gifted gamer for any particular game but he sure is one hell of an entertainer. No wonder he won the ‘Streamer of the Year’ award twice. But even with his popularity, he is not immune to controversies. Yes, we’re talking about the recent, seemingly permanent ban Twitch has imposed on him for reason/s unknown.

Doc himself still has no clue as to why he was banned and decide to go MIA for a month. He thanked his beloved ‘Champions Club’ and didn’t stream for a month. Then recently, he did a couple of exclusive interviews, released a cryptic video, and has vanished again. Weird right? Well, he was also banned back in 2019 for streaming from a restroom so he’s not new to the whole banning scene.


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With all the time he’s taking for his big reveal /comeback, it is set to be spectacular. We already know what he is capable and you can definitely expect the announcement to be extraordinary. The question is, will he be able to break records this time when he comes back?

Dr Disrespect and his concurrent viewer’s record

Back in 2017, Doc had taken a 2-month sabbatical from streaming due to personal reasons. (Yeah, we know). On his return in February 2018, he broke his own record of the highest concurrent viewers where he had close to 364,000 people watching live. He came pretty close to beating loltyler1’s record. But streamers like Gaules, Ninja have relatively higher concurrent numbers on Twitch. Even though Ninja hasn’t streamed on the platform for a year now, he still is the streamer with the most concurrent viewers on the platform.


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Dr Disrespect Won’t Be Streaming With Twitch Buddies After Return

With Twitch out of the question, the platform of choice comes to YouTube, where Doc is already a content creator. Now YouTube is a whole different ball game. Recently, when Ninja streamed on YouTube, he had close to 167,000 concurrent viewers. For someone who has never exclusively streamed on the platform, that is a huge number.


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He managed to crack a fairly large audience last time out, so it is not impossible for him. But it will all come down to the platform of his choice and what he intends to announce. His ‘Champions Club’ will definitely be waiting for his return and hopefully, they will bring reinforcements to bump up the numbers. Do think Dr Disrespect will break records with his return? Let us know in the comments


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