Will Dr Disrespect Switch to Mobile Gaming After Claiming It Isn’t a Serious Thing?

November 29, 2020 6:06 pm

Dr Disrespect is one of the most popular streamers in the world right now. The industry knows him for his outspoken personality, but also as a streamer with an eccentric ensemble.

The Doc is also famous for sparking off controversies. The most recent one came via a Twitter post when he gave a glimpse of his PC setup to the world.

He followed it up with comments on the mobile gaming fraternity yet again. His comments suggesting mobile gaming is not a “serious thing” rubbed the community the wrong way. Moreover, this isn’t the first time the Doc has taken a dig at mobile gamers. He had previously insinuated that mobile gamers are inferior to other streamers.

In an interesting turn of events, Dr Disrespect posted a tweet seeking instructions to video capture a mobile device for OBS. Does this suggest that the Doc is going to stream mobile games?

Dr Disrespect to take the road less traveled?

It is highly unlikely that the Doc will start streaming mobile games. But the YouTube streamer is always up for a challenge and might give mobile streamers a run for their money.

All this started when Doc shared details of his $315,000 PC in a video.

This upset a lot of mobile streamers who reacted to his tweet. So much so, one of the most venerated Call of Duty Mobile content creators Luke ‘iFerg‘ Fergie challenged Dr Disrespect to a 1v1 game.

“1v1 on COD Mobile for $100,000 You on your PC and I’ll play mobile.”

Several other streamers expressed their dismay via Twitter posts. Dr Disrespect is one of the most popular figures in this industry. Unsurprisingly, his comments irked an entire community that is now spreading its wings and widening its horizons.

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The former Twitch streamer has a history of speaking against mobile streamers. It all started with a tweet he posted in 2019, which naturally led to a heated debate. But the debate soon died out when the Doc collaborated with popular PUBG mobile professional Tanmay ‘Sc0ut’ Singh.

Dr Disrespect’s collaboration with one of the most popular PUBG streamers convinced the community that he is over the entire controversy.

However, Doc’s recent comments suggest otherwise. Will he really make a switch to streaming mobile games? Or is this just another arrow in his quiver? Stay tuned to find out.

Nakul Ahuja

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