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Will help revive Indo-Pak bilateral series: Zaheer Abbas

Will help revive Indo-Pak bilateral series: Zaheer Abbas

The newly elected International Cricket Council (ICC) President, Zaheer Abbas, in an interview said that he will play an important role to ensure that the Indo-Pak bilateral series is revived. He said that he hopes to bring back the electrifying series, which has been on the back foot for political reasons.

“I want to play a role in helping revive Indo-Pak cricket matches because the people of both countries want for matches to take place and having regular bilateral ties is also necessary for the sport’s global image,” Zaheer said in the interview.

Even though Zaheer Abbas shall be serving as the ICC President for one year only, he hopes to make a significant contribution in the small term. “Being in a ceremonial post does not mean I can’t do anything. I love this game and in the next one year I want to contribute something to world cricket.”

He said that he is truly motivated to make the Indo-Pak series happen and if it does happen, it’ll be good for both the countries’ ties as well as for the sport. “I know it is not an easy task because Indo-Pak cricket ties are ruled by political relations between the two countries. But I want to do something in this direction because if we have regular bilateral ties it is good for players and people of both countries. Having India and Pakistan matches is something close to my heart and I will do my best to make it happen,” he added.

Abbas was ecstatic on being confirmed the job of being the ICC President. Expressing his happiness he said,”“I feel truly honoured to be appointed as the president of the governing body of a great game. This is the sport which has given us friendship, respect, recognition, and an opportunity to serve our countries in different capacities. Personally speaking, it has given me more than I can possibly repay.”


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