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Will the Among Us Bubble Burst Soon?

Will the Among Us Bubble Burst Soon?

Among Us has been having a great run since the past few months in terms of a huge user base and online viewership. The game is all over platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Viewers are flocking to it and have witnessed some of the most unusual collaborations ever, all thanks to the developers at InnerSloth.

With just about everyone playing the game, it was hard to imagine the possibility of a decline anytime soon. However, the game’s viewership numbers from October tell a different story.

Among Us faces a severe hacker issue

Things were going well for Among Us, with even US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez playing it to huge success. AOC’s Twitch stream drew over 400,000 concurrent viewers and the devs at InnerSloth couldn’t have expected better free promotion. But peaks and valleys are a part of life, and Among Us is no exception.

Apparently, a hacker is spamming the lobbies and asking the players to subscribe to “Eris Loris”. Some users have been facing a similar issue, where the hacker spams the lobbies to vote for President Donald Trump.

The developers were obviously ‘super duper aware’ of the issue and will push out an emergency server update soon.

Is the game’s downfall inevitable now?

Among Us’ three-member developing team might save the game from the hacker issue this time. Regardless, this incident will hinder the game’s momentum and its growth. Also, the gaming scenario nowadays is highly competitive. As a result, content creators and viewers do not refrain from quickly changing their preferences.

Mediatonic’s Fall Guys suffered a similar fate. The game reached its peak viewership in August, and then the numbers started plummeting alarmingly. Even Among Us touched its peak viewership in September, and the numbers thereafter have been dropping, albeit gradually.

Among Us is a very simple game, and even if the developers want to, they cannot add much to it. Other popular games like Call of Duty: Warzone, League of Legends, and Fortnite are high-budget games, and InnerSloth’s indie game might not survive this competition in the long run. As a result, players might get over the game as quickly as they took to it.

To sum up, Among Us is undoubtedly one of the most loved games. Gamers around the world finally shifted from fast-paced games and relaxed by playing the game with their friends. Even if the game loses its popularity, it has already created a unique legacy of its own.

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