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Williams F1 Sponsor Reveals the Reason Behind their Impending Split

Williams F1 Sponsor Reveals the Reason Behind their Impending Split

Williams F1

Another day, another story of Williams F1 in big trouble, so their grave must have reached the Earth’s core. This time, it is PKN Orlen once again, who have issues with the Grove-based outfit.

It is already well-known that the Polish sponsor will cut ties with the team, but they have now revealed why. According to Robert Kubica’s sponsor, the Williams F1 team broke “certain provisions” of its 2019 contract.

“Robert was quite critical of the organisation and preparation of the team after each grand prix and it’s hard to disagree,” admitted communications boss, Adam Burak.

“We assume that certain provisions of the contract were broken by withdrawing Kubica in order to save parts in Russia. We are in dialogue with Williams but we are convinced that we are right.”

Williams F1
Robert Kubica

Now, the company’s primary objective for next season is to keep both Kubica and themselves in Formula 1 in the near future.

Burak confessed to Sportowe Fakty newspaper that Formula One helped them gain a lot more exposure as a brand. So, even if they are not going to be associated with Williams F1, they have decided to stay on in F1.

IIt is interesting to note that PKN Orlen has been linked to several F1 teams for 2020. It’s ptential customers include, Haas, Racing Point and even McLaren.

Meanwhile, with no racing seat available, Robert Kubica could consign himself to the role of a F1 reserve driver.

“We have several scenarios on the table,” Burak continued. “You can be with a team or be associated with the whole of Formula 1.

“For us, this year was a business success, just not in sporting terms. But as a commercial company, we are guided by business.

“For Robert, he is a free man. We know and accept his expectations and he wants to race.”

“We would like to stay with Robert as one of the most recognisable athletes, so we must be flexible.”

PKN Orlen
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