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Williams F1 Targeting to Get the Car on Time for Winter Testing Despite No Launch Date in Sight

Williams F1 Targeting to Get the Car on Time for Winter Testing Despite No Launch Date in Sight

Last year, the Williams F1 squad missed the first two and a half days of running in Barcelona after production delays blighted their troubled 2019 car. Also, in a year where the point is to begin gaining ground back towards midfield intensity, and groups just have six days of testing before Melbourne. Williams F1 have realized they can’t squander a second.

There is as of now a decent sign that will be the situation after the 2020 vehicle finished the FIA crash assessments the first time, permitting Williams to concentrate on readiness. Williams F1 is sure the group will have the vehicle in the pit lane when the light goes green. George Russell and Nicholas Latifi will be driving this year’s car for Williams F1.

Williams F1 persevered through the hardest season in its history in 2019, completing rearward in the Constructors’ Championship with just a solitary point scored. Claire Williams says Williams F1 is hoping to refute pundits with respect to the condition of the group.

Claire Williams also says they have taken measures to prevent last year’s mistakes. She believes that the team is capable of showcasing the car on 19th February for the 1st day of testing.

2020 season for Williams F1:

We set ourselves some really tough targets over the winter. Around aero in particular, about finding performance, and then on some mechanical issues as well. These have been going well. The key target now is getting the car to that test on time and at the lights when they go green. I have absolute confidence that that will happen.” deputy boss Claire Williams said.

We’ve built ourselves a huge amount of contingency time to ensure that if something does go wrong. We’re OK and we’ve got some cover there,” Williams added.

One of the first signs of success for us is that we passed all our crash tests. Most of which we did at the first attempt, unlike last year where we failed many of them: even at the sixth attempt. That puts even more pressure into the system because then you’re having to deal with a crash test rather than worrying about getting the car out. So that’s been a good milestone for us over the winter.” Concluded Williams.

It would be great to see if the team can portray what Claire Williams has claimed.

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