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Williams F1 Thrashed and Accused of Being Like a Formula Two Team

Williams F1 Thrashed and Accused of Being Like a Formula Two Team

Oksana Kosachenko, the former manager of ex-F1 driver, Vitaly Petrov launched a new attack on an ailing Williams F1. Kosachenko additionally held the role of commercial director for the now defunct Caterham Racing F1 team.

The 2019 Season was the worst in Williams history. The third most successful team in F1 scored a solitary point. During the season, Williams were well off the pace of their mid-table rivals. Their solitary point came when the Alfa Romeos were handed penalties after the German Grand Prix.

Speaking to Ivestia news agency, Kosachenko said:

“In my opinion, the team needs a structural reorganisation. Williams is no longer even a second-tier team – it looks more like a Formula 2 team. There were some absolutely illogical strategic decisions, emotional statements, and as a result they lost a lot from the very beginning and could not catch up during the season.

At the same time, I am absolutely confident in the talent of George Russell and the abilities of Robert Kubica. To attribute all of their problems to the fact that they could not use the potential of the car is impossible.”

Current Situation

A beleaguered Williams have been under fire all season. The team was regularly criticized by now former driver, Robert Kubica. The Pole suggested that the team failed to utilize his expertise during a challenging season.

On the flip side , the season was great experience for George Russell. The 2018 F2 Champion received valuable developmental experience. William’s performances reduced high performance expectations on the Brit. Over the course of the season, he consistently outperformed Kubica.

Williams began focusing on 2020 season right from the Russian Grand Prix. The team even made the decision to retire Kubica during the race to preserve parts for the end of the season.

Unfortunately , the struggles will continue. A smaller prize money payout will further constrict the team’s financial resources. The first six months of 2019 saw Williams recording a loss of nearly $21 million.

There’s a long road ahead for Williams F1 to reach relevance once again.

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